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Massachusetts Public Water Suppliers

Massachusetts public water suppliers serve 6 million residents.   They are stewards of public health and the environment.  They are trained and licensed professionals entrusted with the public’s well being.

Massachusetts public water suppliers have earned the public trust through more than a century of delivering clean drinking water to homes and businesses in Massachusetts.

To operate the complex systems and meet the regulatory demands for testing and quality, every public system in Massachusetts employs water system operators licensed by the Massachusetts Board of Certification of Operators of Drinking Water Supply Facilities.

Trusted Leaders

With their experience, training and commitment to the public health, Massachusetts public water suppliers are in the best position to lead our communities toward implementing solutions to address contaminants in drinking water sources.

When issues emerge, Massachusetts public water suppliers are tasked with finding the solutions.  Whether preventing the contamination of sources by acquiring conservation land or introducing new treatment options to remove contaminants, they are your community’s leaders trusted to solve these problems.

Interested in a career as a water professional?

With more than one-half of the drinking water operators who are licensed in Massachusetts over the age of 50, the industry is working hard to recruit new professionals to the field.  Have an interest in science or math, or mechanical aptitude?   A job as a water professional might be a great fit for you!  To get a sense of the jobs, visit:  Work for Water

To check out the current job opportunities, click here.  

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